Can We Help?

Who We Help

Kesselman-Jones has selected four (4) priority areas in which to focus our efforts. These selections reflect not only the focus of the majority of our clients, but the interest of our individual staff members as well. The areas of focus are:

  1. People in Crisis – lacking housing, food, or clothing; victims of domestic abuse; etc.
  2. Children/Youth – any program with youth as its focus.
  3. Health or Behavioral Health Issues – particularly those impacting women or children.
  4. Empowering Women to Succeed – any program that aids the advancement of women.

Support Restrictions:  Kesselman-Jones cannot support every worthwhile project that seeks funding. We do not give to:

  • Individuals
  • Religious Organizations
  • Labor and fraternal organizations
  • Political organizations or projects

How We Help

We support organizations in many different ways, depending on their needs and our availability. This can include:

  • project to be our official company sponsored volunteer activity for the entire staff.  This can include participating as a team in a fundraising event (i.e. such as a walk for a cause), a hands-on activity (i.e. stuffing bags), or any other project that is not event-management related.
  • special event or conference for which we would provide pro bono management services.
  • An activity that has a specific start and end time and requires labor only with no advance planning or resources (i.e. serving food at a shelter).
  • An appropriate request for a “loaned” executive to sit on a committee or board.

How to Apply

If your organization has an opportunity for partnership that you would like Kesselman-Jones to consider, you will need to submit an application so that we can review it at our next Corporate Citizenship meeting. Small projects, short term, single task are considered on a rolling basis. Major projects are considered once a year and must be submitted for consideration by January 1.  To receive an application, email