1. Have a goal

Clearly define the objectives you hope to achieve and make them measurable.  It could be making contacts, setting appointments, filling orders, recruiting volunteers or members, distributing information. Once you define your goal, make sure your booth reflects it and you have the materials to support the goal. (For example you can’t effectively recruit members without membership materials.)

2. Don’t Miss Opportunities

Review and submit paperwork as requested to the conference office by the deadline date indicated.  Make sure your information is complete and brochure ready – especially the description of your services.

3. Familiarize yourself with the audience

Before you go, know as much as you can about the audience, quantity, industry break down, geographic break down, etc. The conference office will be able to provide you with this information.

4. Arrive early

The day of the exhibition give yourself ample time to relax, get situated/set up, and go to the restroom.

5. Be approachable

Stand at the booth with your cell phone, ipad or laptop put away! Smile and engage. And, don’t leave the booth unmanned.

6. Condense and customize your message

You cannot do your usual sales presentation in just the few seconds you will have to spend with attendees. Let them know in a nutshell what you do and how you can help them. Tell them what to do next–call, visit your website, come by your store, etc. Ask them what they need before jumping into your pitch and customize accordingly.

7. Hang in there

Exhibitors should stay until the end of the scheduled exhibit time. This gives attendees ample time to visit all booths.

8. Follow up.

A trade show is only as good as the sales it generates. As you meet attendees or other prospects who give you their business cards or information, make notes on the back and then follow up via email or call them for coffee. If you have a tradeshow list or a fishbowl full of attendee’s contact information, send them a postcard with a special trade show discount.






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