We understand that continuing education credit is essential to keeping up your licensure.  If the cost is reasonable, we will make every effort to apply for all licensure approvals.

We do not guarantee that all CEUs applied for will be approved.  Attendees requesting CEUs must abide by the policies and procedures set by the conference office.  These will be detailed on the conference web site and in the conference program booklet.  All boards prohibit early certificate distribution. The tracking and certificate distribution policies have been developed to meet the requirements set by the various licensing boards, and the conference office does not have the ability to deviate from these policies.

It is ultimately the responsibility of each licensee to keep abreast of the current rules and regulations of his/her respective licensing board.  Please contact your state licensing board with any questions regarding licensure renewal, continuing education requirements, and requirements for acceptable continuing education courses, programs and sponsors.

Expenses for continuing education, when taken to maintain and improved professional skills, are tax deductible.  Consult your accountant for complete details.


To request a copy of any certificate after the conference, you will need to send a check payable to Kesselman-Jones, Inc. for $15 AND a self-addressed stamped envelope to the conference office at:

Kesselman-Jones, Inc.
PO Box 20182
Albuquerque, NM  87190

Replacement certificates will be sent only to individuals whose paperwork was submitted at the conference.  We maintain CEU files for 4 – 5 years, depending on the granting board requirements. Please allow 7 – 10 days for processing.



I don’t see my professional designation included on your list of CEUs offered.  Can I still get CEUs?

If you board is not listed it means that we did not get preapproval to give out continuing education unites for that profession.  That does not necessarily mean you can’t get credit.  You will need to contact your board directly to find out what they will accept.

I need to leave early, why can’t I get my certificate?  I paid for the whole conference?

Typically we can grant credit up to the last complete session you attended.   The fee you pay has no bearing on receiving credit.


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