About the Conference

For 20 years, the Head to Toe Conference has made every effort to keep our programming cutting edge and balanced to meet the variety of skill levels and interests of our audience, all presented by speakers of the highest quality who represent the diversity of our community. We greatly appreciate the service our advisory committee members provide by making sure our programming objectives are met. The committee plays a vital role in developing the content of the conference as a whole and in supervising the further development of individual conference sessions.

The Role of Kesselman-Jones

Kesselman-Jones has been affiliated with the Head to Toe conference since its inception in 1996.  In fact, the title of the conference came from company president, Laura Kesselman, who had a two-year old at the time.  During brainstorming the committee discussed that the conference should be inclusive of physical and behavioral health – and Laura, who was immersed in silly songs and bed time stories began singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and the rest is history.

The Kesselman-Jones staff has always been integral in the design of the conference, selection of keynotes, marketing and incorporation of ancillary activities that have varied from conference-to-conference.  For 13 years, the Department of Health contracted with Kesselman-Jones to manage the conference.  In 2010, due to legal and bureaucratic challenges, the Department found itself unable to generate a contract with an outside vendor, and it looked like Head to Toe might disappear.  Recognizing the importance of the information disseminated at the conference to the school community and its impact on the health and academic success of our students, Kesselman-Jones stepped up an offered to produce the conference without a contract, taking all fiscal risk, and continues to do so.  Today, the Department of Health still takes the programmatic lead as the conferences’ title sponsor, ensuring that the content addresses the most pressing needs of school health providers.

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