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Partnerships and successful outcomes manifest when there is a clear understanding of the audience, message, goals, objectives and expectations. KJPROS (Professional Recommendations on Operational Strategies) is our proprietary tool that we utilize to shape and guide the strategic plans we develop for the projects we manage.

KJPROS begins with a two-to-three-hour facilitation with your key stakeholders, and led by one or two of our seasoned event managers. We will walk you through the event scope from beginning to end, identifying opportunities for:

  • enhancing attendee experience
  • increasing participation or revenue
  • reducing operating costs
  • incorporating opportunities for driving organizational messages
  • integrating event best-practices, and,
  • improving protection of your organization, legally and fiscally.


KJPROS is provided to all clients retaining our full-service conference management package. Clients may also purchase KJPROS separately. If you decide to use Kesselman-Jones to manage your event, we’ll deduct this amount will be deducted from our project management fee.


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