KJPROS - Professional Recommendations on Operational Strategies

KJPROS is utilized to shape and guide the strategic plans we develop for our clients. The process begins with a facilitation with your key stakeholders, led by one of our seasoned project managers. We will walk you through the scope of your event from beginning to end, identifying ways to:

  • enhance attendee experience
  • increase participation or revenue
  • reduce operating costs
  • incorporate opportunities for driving organizational messages
  • clarify roles and responsibilities
  • ensure return on investment
  • reduce risk, and,
  • integrate project management and event production best-practices
“… the KJ PROS meeting walked me through an amazing process that forced me to think about what the summit had been, what we wanted it to be and how we could get there while being true to our brand, culture and goals.

I was impressed by how quickly they assimilated complex information about our business and the nuances of past and potential partnerships. They came up with creative ideas on the spot that I never would have thought of. They were able to identify problem areas in my previous budget, and see ways we could save and generate money. They gave me objective input based on years of experience and guided me as I began to see the summit with new eyes.”

Leann claps and smiles, impressed with the professionalism of the conference
Leann KempNew Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority