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The New Mexico Public Education Department, Safe and Healthy Schools Bureau is excited to announce that the 2020 School Health Education Institute (SHEI) will be held on July 27-28 as a virtual event. 

Experts will share activities, tools, and resources to use in your classrooms.  Attendees can choose from a variety of sessions covering information and resources regarding student and staff physical, emotional, and behavioral health in efforts to support the re-entry transition back to school.

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What you need to know as a virtual attendee:

  • BE ON TIME: We will start on time. The waiting room will open 10 minutes before the session. Use this time to chat with fellow attendees or the speaker or introduce yourself on chat!
  • IDENTIFY YOURSELF: We request you include your full name in your Zoom profile.  This will help the presenters and your fellow participants engage with you, as well as keep track of your attendance for CEU purposes.
  • TURN VIDEO ON: This is a requirement of participation. We want to see you!  Since we can’t be in person, let’s be face to face.  It’s invaluable in making strong connections and shows your support of the presenter and fellow attendees.
  • MUTE YOUR MIC: As you arrive into the meeting, you will be placed on mute.  Please stay muted throughout the session, except when talking.  Don’t worry, we’ll remind you.
  • CHAT: The chat window is your friend.  Use it to ask AND answer questions outside the prompt. If you have a technical issue, send a message through chat directly to the meeting host (not the speaker please.)  You can also chat directly with a specific participant
  • ENGAGE: Be engaged!  The more you participate in the session, the more you will get out of it.
  • CANCELLING: If your plans change and you will not be attending, we request you cancel by emailing Advance notice is helpful to presenters who may be planning activities based on participant numbers.


This year, we are extending the invitation to school staff, counselors, social workers, nurses, and other school health professionals.

Only invitees of the New Mexico Public Education Department are able to register for this event. Invitees will receive an email with registration information.

Register Now!

There is NO COST to attend this exceptional virtual training opportunity. 

There are NO CEUs offered for the institute. You still must attend the institute in full.

The institute is using Zoom. Upon registering, you will receive the link and directions to access each session.

Yes. Attendance will be taken at the start and the end of each session through the use of polls. You must answer the poll questions to be marked as “present”.

To create community and ensure speakers are receiving the feedback they need to effectively present, we highly encourage you to turn your camera on while participating in a session.

This year, we have a limited number of stipends available for attendees. The stipends are available on a first come, first served basis, and attendees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Attendee must not be on a current contract with the New Mexico Public Education Department.
  2. Attendee must attend the entire SHEI conference, and participate in 10/10 attendance polls.

To view the terms and conditions, click here.

Please click here to review the registration terms and conditions.

Please review our FAQs section.

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