Thoughtful, comprehensive, detailed.

Through years of evolving, evaluating and refining our process, Kesselman-Jones has developed our own unique system for strategically managing projects.



KJPROS (Professional Recommendations on Operational Strategies) begins with a two to three hour facilitation with your key stakeholders, led by Laura Kesselman and supported by one or two of our seasoned event managers.

We explore the scope of your event from beginning to end, identifying opportunities for keeping you on time, on budget and on target:

  • enhancing attendee experience
  • increasing participation and/or revenue
  • reducing operating costs
  • emphasizing your organizational messaging
  • integrating best practices for your event planning and production
  • protecting your organization, legally and fiscally

is included in our full-service conference management package. Clients may also purchase KJPROS separately; for those who choose us to manage their event, we will deduct the cost from our project management fee.

You receive your project’s road map to success: 

  • A project statement clarifying and outlining your goals, objectives and target audience(s)
  • A comprehensive event timeline, indicating planning milestones
  • A list of items that must be addressed to proceed to your next phase of planning
  • A report documenting our discussion, and our recommendations



Call us to learn how our KJPROS management process can give you an unparalleled advantage.




From a client’s perspective…

“… the KJ PROS meeting walked me through an amazing process that forced me to think about what the summit had been, what we wanted it to be and how we could get there while being true to our brand, culture and goals. 

I was impressed by how quickly they assimilated complex information about our business and the nuances of past and potential partnerships. They came up with creative ideas on the spot that I never would have thought of. They were able to identify problem areas in my previous budget, and see ways we could save and generate money. They gave me objective input based on years of experience and guided me as I began to see the summit with new eyes.”

Leann Kemp, Communications Manager, New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority


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