Here are some mobile travel resources we like:



GateGuru (App) Having a Cinnabon emergency? GateGuru provides airport maps and lists where food options are located, as well as places to shop and particular services such as ATMs or massage stations. Free for iOS and Android.



Seat Guru (Website)   Unlike Southwest, most airlines still let you pick your seat. Seat Guru gives you the inside scoop on the best (and the worst) seat on the plane. They outline amenities including the location of seats with power outlets and if the plane has internet.


TripIt LogoTripIt (App) Do you carry around all sorts of confirmation printouts for your trip? Flight confirmation number, hotel confirmation number, rental car reservation number? TripIt gets you organized: simply forward all your confirmation emails to your TripIt account, and all the details are organized into one neat itinerary. Free for iPhone and iPad.


iconAroundMe (App) This Google ad-supported app utilizes your iPhone’s GPS to find your current location, then provides categorized lists of nearby shops, restaurants, and even hospitals. The app doesn’t offer any reviews, but plots business locations on a map, which can be saved as a contact with just one click. AroundMe requires a data connection for use, so it’s better suited for domestic travel than trips abroad.


icon_bigFlightBoard (App) lets you check out the boards of your favorite airports and view all the flight information in real-time.  $3.99



For International Travelers


Google Translate (App) Traveling abroad? If you’re headed anywhere outside the English-speaking world, chances are this app will come in handy on your trip. Translate words and phrases between more than 65 languages using Google Translate for Android. For most languages, you can speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations.


xe-currency XE Currency (App) The XE currency app converts any currency into any other currency on the spot. Free, iPhone, iPad and Android 





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