Thoughtful, comprehensive, detailed.

We design outcome-focused events, build collaborations, coordinate logistics and produce positive learning experiences – so you can make a bigger difference in the lives of those you train, educate and serve.

Kesselman-Jones has managed conferences, meetings, fundraisers and special events ranging in size from 40 – 1,500 attendees. In addition to a wide scope of production and management services, we can create robust marketing and public relations campaigns, and provide website development. We’ll help you coordinate venues, travel, lodging and food services. We handle registrations or ticketing and manage communications with your constituents and stakeholders.

Using advanced project management tools we developed specifically for our clients, our highly skilled team guides you from initial planning through all the stages of your project, mindful of your resources, budget and ROI, all the way to final evaluations and reports.

In addition to our administration and management services, Kesselman-Jones has refined our conference and event management plan to include 15 components which deliver exceptional results and return on investment every time.

Through our proprietary process, we uncover the objectives, resources, and intended outcomes of your project around which we structure our project management tools for implementation. We will ask how you assess success and failure, and we will manage accordingly. It can be said that just because an event was successful does not mean that it was effective.

Our fully customizable and comprehensive budget template is implemented for management of all funds. We process all accounts payable and receivable on your behalf, and utilize our secure registration processing system for attendee, exhibitor and sponsor transactions. We follow GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and provide full transparency with all financial reporting. Tax documents are prepared and distributed as required for any compensated speakers or presenters.

We define each event’s architecture with respect to the intended outcomes and overall objectives. Through your expertise of subject matter and our research of preferred learning methodology, best practices in programming, and demographic studies, we build the ideal conference to achieve specific and measurable results.

From a call for presenters, negotiations and contracting to logistics, travel arrangements and compensation, your dedicated speaker liaison manages every detail of your speakers’ experiences and ensures they are fully prepared to deliver the highest quality presentations.

We have solid industry relationships and buying power which allow us to negotiate on your behalf for ultimate return on investment. Our standard Kesselman-Jones contracts, which offer you maximum protection from liability and risk, are used in accordance with industry standards. Multi-year contracts are negotiated when appropriate to secure maximum concessions and savings.

Our online registration systems are sophisticated, robust, secure and fully customizable to ensure a smooth user experience, extensive reporting, and protection of your organization and event’s brand integrity. Not only do we build and manage the system for you, but our staff becomes an extension of your organization and takes over as your customer service call center.

Everything we do is done with intention around your objectives. We develop your event’s marketing strategy and campaign initiatives to attract maximum attendance and provide full return on investment. Our creative process includes plan development, copy writing, email and social media marketing, graphic design, website development and maintenance, database management, and execution of media strategies.

Cutting edge technology exists to provide your attendees with a more engaging, interactive and experiential event. For example, with a conference-specific mobile app your attendees use modern technology to interact with the conference through tools like session descriptions, speaker bios, event schedule and venue maps, and more. This also gives you a tool for additional sponsor benefits through digital ad placement and engagement tracking. Real-time updates and push notifications allow you to make changes and inform your stakeholders with no disruption to the flow of your event. Additionally, the app allows you to save on printed materials.

Your event sponsors and exhibitors are potentially one of the largest sources of revenue, and these relationships should be managed with absolute care. From sponsor solicitation to invoicing and payment processing to logistics for booth setup and resource allocation, we offer the utmost level of professionalism, care and attention due to each entity.

Depending on the professional development needs and requirements of your attendees, we provide management of the continuing education certification process from application through distribution and archiving.

We manage coordination of your event logistics just like everything else we do: through systematic process. From room setups and audio visual arrangements to meal function and golf tournaments, we take care to dot every i and cross every t. Then we review everything again, just to be sure.

Assembling and managing a team of volunteers, as well as providing your staff with event-specific duties requires exceptional clarity in communication as well as clearly defined processes and expectations. Our process provides development, training, management and communication for a professional team of onsite support.

We work for you. We maintain open lines of communication to support you and your stakeholders at all levels of planning and implementation. We attend planning and committee meetings in person or through virtual meeting technology and provide strategic facilitation and communication strategies to make sure all components tie back to the goals and objectives of the event.

The final stage of our process, designed to evaluate not only attendee satisfaction, but also effectiveness in achieving outcomes, performance to budget, communications and marketing strategies, and any other components you wish to archive for future development of the conference. We provide you with a full conference recap report and feedback of lessons learned, achievements, and areas of improvement for the future.

A full team of Kesselman-Jones staff is provided onsite beginning with a pre-conference meeting with the venue, through completion of CE distribution. A floor manager, registration manager and assistant, speaker liaison and sponsor/exhibitor liaison can be staffed so that your organization’s representatives are freed up to focus on the bigger picture.