Our Story

Changing Lives One Project at a Time

Owner and founder Laura Kesselman designed Kesselman-Jones as a full-service event and association management firm, centered on the principle that the services we provide will enhance the well-being of our communities. We’re in our third decade of producing and managing learning experiences, trainings, conferences and special events, as well as offering membership and leadership support services to a variety of organizations.

The greater good is central to our mission. It is how we approach our workday, grow our business, and select our clients – primarily organizations that positively impact society through their work and programs.

Our staff provides services in association, corporate, agency, government and non-profit environments. We have helped to train thousands of nurses, physicians, EMTs and health educators; counselors and social workers; school administrators, teachers and staff; nonprofit personnel and members of law enforcement.

Our Mission

Kesselman-Jones strives to be the best and most professional organization we can be, so our clients can make a difference for the people they serve.

Our Core Values

We set the standard by:

  • Operating ethically and transparently
  • Delivering on time and on budget
  • Offering the best return on investment
  • Improving ourselves, our services and our systems
  • Working enthusiastically and creatively
  • Remaining flexible to changing conditions
  • Perceiving challenges as opportunities