Your Outcomes

You Get Results

How do you define success?  It’s easy to figure out if a presentation or event component was successful, or how attendees liked the facility. It can be more difficult to determine how their total experience impacted their perceptions, behavior or knowledge base.

From our first discussion to the final event evaluation, the Kesselman-Jones team works with you to establish measurable goals and identify the best methods for evaluating outcomes. We also manage the timeline, so that important benchmarks and deadlines are met.

Qualitative or quantitative, we will collect, mine, and analyze data to find patterns, correlations, and conclusions. Our final reports are valuable tools for making informed decisions about all the elements of your event.

Dollars & Sense

We manage your money as well as we manage our own. We are accurate, transparent and know how to control costs. Our financial software handles all the complexities of budgets and income, and we employing multiple checks and balances. That’s why Kesselman-Jones serves as contract fiscal manager for several state agencies.

Last year alone, we managed more than $600,000 in registration fees and processed payments for $1.75 million in client expenditures. Our relationships with our vendors are also fiscally sound.

During contract negotiations, we make sure you’ll receive the best value, while minimizing financial and legal risks.

Sponsors & Exhibits

We’ll help you take full advantage of every opportunity to generate revenue for your bottom line, and build partnerships.

Together we’ll outline a comprehensive plan for fundraising goals, prospect identification and sales process, contribution levels, recognition methods, marketing tools and timeline.

We work to provide a great experience for sponsors or exhibitors; if they receive a positive return on their investment, they are more likely to renew their fiscal support of your organization.

Customer Care – the Human Return on Investment

We manage your event registration strategically. It’s not just about data and money – everything we do is customized for your event, and your audience, and designed to enforce branding or key messages.

Our trained service staff and well-defined policies ensure a positive first impression for your attendees. Records are checked for accuracy, and we have protocols in place for effectively communicating with attendees who have not completed their registration requirements.

Onsite, we represent your organization in the most professional manner. Kesselman-Jones staff members are trained to problem-solve any kind of special need, emergency or unexpected challenges. Difficult situations are handled with diplomacy, treating all involved with respect and courtesy.

Attendees who receive good value for their investment of time and money will look forward to being at your next event.